When Should You Expand?

Congratulations on even having to answer this question. If you are in this position, you have done a number of things correctly. First, you have been able to successfully start a business and develop it to the point where a second or expanded location is a question that you must address. You will find that … Read more

Raising Money with Your Banker

It is very difficult to run even the most profitable business without some bank financing. When a company grows or when it’s growth is uneven, chances are that it will out-pace the cash flows that it generates. In many cases the business cycle is uneven with a disproportionate amount of business part of the year. … Read more

Preparing a Cash Flow Projection

Throughout your business career, you are continually asked to predict the future. Your banker wants to know how you will repay loans. You hire new employees with the expectation that the volume of future work will support them. You purchase a new delivery truck because you expect the future to require it. We often predict … Read more