Preventative Accounting

It would seem that after centuries of double-entry bookkeeping, nothing more could be said about accounting. Up until now that was probably true, but now accounting has to move to the next step. Instead of just speaking about the past in the format of numbers, we must begin adapting numbers to actions in the future. … Read more

Get it in Writing!

A home renovation or repair project can be an exciting prospect. It can also be a nightmare if handled poorly. For many of us, the only route to go is to hire a contractor. This person will take care of the details from concept to completion. A good contractor will provide a quality product that … Read more

Avoid Tax Penalties and Interest

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) imposes various penalties and interest to encourage people and businesses including corporations to file tax returns and pay taxes on time. For people, the failure to file and/or pay invariably involves personal tax returns and taxes owing. Businesses need to deal with additional taxes such as payroll source deductions, GST or … Read more