Preventative Accounting

It would seem that after centuries of double-entry bookkeeping, nothing more could be said about accounting. Up until now that was probably true, but now accounting has to move to the next step. Instead of just speaking about the past in the format of numbers, we must begin adapting numbers to actions in the future. … Read more

Preparing a Cash Flow Projection

Throughout your business career, you are continually asked to predict the future. Your banker wants to know how you will repay loans. You hire new employees with the expectation that the volume of future work will support them. You purchase a new delivery truck because you expect the future to require it. We often predict … Read more

How to Select a Good Accountant

The quick and easy answer to how to select a good accountant is to say, “Select me!” That, however, is not the purpose of this article, so we will provide you with some additional criteria for the selection of an accountant for your business. Before we discuss the attributes of a good accountant and accounting … Read more