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July 13, 2020


Outsource Your Accounting Operations

"I love running my own business, I am good at what I do. What I don't like is all the figure work, accounting and government stuff that goes with it."
PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES® and Intuit Canada, makers of QuickBooks, have joined forces to create greater efficiencies in Padgett’s cloud-accounting services for small business owners.

Get More Cash Flow

Our standard accounting system will keep your business on track and functioning efficiently.

Stay Out Of Trouble

We make sure that your business is government compliant and that all deadlines are met.

Make Better Decisions

From a complete set of records, we have the basis for consulting and advising you about your business.

Focus Your Vision

We provide peace of mind so you can focus on business development and growth.

Set Up
Your Business

Accounting Services

Your Business

Tax Services

Your Business

Consulting Services

Did you know approximately 7000 businesses go bankrupt
in Canada every year?

The reason?  

In most cases failure came from inexperience and lack of know how about the daily operations of their business.

Now if we had to guess, we would venture that you did not become a small business owner because you love paperwork… are we wrong?

For your business to succeed you cannot ignore the money and just assume that somehow enough of it will come in each month and that the bills will miraculously pay themselves.

If you love running your business but don’t want anything to do with the financials then our expertise is at your disposal.

Our expert consultation and blend of services can help you focus on what you do best –
run your business!

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When Should You Outsource Your Accounting?

When you don’t know where to get started and would like to be guided step-by-step by an experienced mentor so that you can eliminate your fears and build your business with confidence.

When you are ready to stop working in your business and start working on your business.

When you want the support and insights necessary to overcome the inevitable roadblocks that stop your progress every time you take two steps forward.

When you want to stop worrying about your financial paperwork and start focusing on building your business.

When you realize that having a business and financial expert is a great value and a smart business decision because just one bad audit or tax penalty avoided can pay for years of coaching with all the other benefits thrown in for free.

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Does This Describe You?

You want to align yourself with an expert on business building who has already walked the talk and offers a no-nonsense, real-world perspective that saves you time and money.

You want a team member that brings more than just an accounting system because you’ve learned a ton of stuff from webinars and books but you are still struggling to succeed.

You want to grow your revenue to exceed expenses so that you can stop working for dollars and start truly enjoying your trade.


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Rick Collins – Rx Auto Glass

Nancy has not only looked after my business accounting, taxes and personal returns, she has also taught me new ways to make my month to month entries to Quickbooks...

This is a photo of Sheilagh Rose of Think Feet.

Sheilagh Rose – President / Rose Chiropody Professional Corporation O/A Think Feet

Thank you Nancy Stabback and her staff at Padgett’s Business Services, you helped me to create an amazing business...

This is a photo of Fran Woodhurst.

Fran Woodhurst

Nancy and her lovely crew, at Padgett Business Service, more than provided me with the solid and comprehensive help I truly needed. Thank you kindly for your services...

Jim and Theresa Schefter – T.J.’s Plane & Fancy

I'd like to thank Padgett Business Services for the wonderful job they did looking after a somewhat difficult tax return situation for my mother-in-law...

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Andy Gubbels

Business Expert

This is an image of of Nancy Stabback.
Nancy Stabback

Accounting Expert

The Small Biz Pros

Understanding Your Needs - Earning Your Trust

My name is Nancy Stabback and I am the proud owner of Padgett Orillia and co-owner of Padgett Barrie. In 1998, I made a decision to invest in the Padgett Business Services franchise in Orillia expanded operations & include the Padgett Barrie franchise in 2014. In doing so I joined strength with over 400 other Accounting Professionals across Canada and the United States. I have personally owned and operated small businesses including restaurants, a general store and income properties. I know how small business owners think and can use my experience and expertise to help them overcome the many hurdles they encounter on an ongoing basis.

I am active in a local Business group, and have served on the Padgett Business Services Advisory Council, and am a past member of the Barrie Business Enterprise Resource Network Board.