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  • When Should You Expand?
    Posted On: 01/07/15 - 0

    Congratulations on even having to answer this question. If you are in this position, you have done a number of things correctly. First, you have been able to successfully start a business and develop …Read More

  • Valuation of Intangibles
    Posted On: 24/06/15 - 0

    As an accountant I have often met with the frustration of clients over the fact that their financial statements do not reflect the “true value” of their companies. As a business owner myse…Read More

  • The Small Businessperson’s Guide to Banks
    Posted On: 17/06/15 - 0

    Believe it or not, one of the most important facets in operating your business is your banking relationship. Making the right decision in your banks will affect many details in the everyday running of…Read More

  • Ten Tips for Successful Business
    Posted On: 10/06/15 - 0

    It is always a good idea in business to pay attention to the important details. Important details are often cluttered up with a thousand other unimportant details. The following ten tips are designed …Read More

  • Successful Traits
    Posted On: 03/06/15 - 0

    For a number of years I have been involved with entrepreneurs. This has been a great experience and one I would not trade for the world. This opportunity has come primarily from my involvement with fr…Read More

  • Starting a Small Business
    Posted On: 27/05/15 - 0

    Congratulations! You’ve taken, or are about to take, one of the steps that will change your life. Most people who work for themselves will tell you their worst day being self employed is better …Read More

  • Responsibilities of Owning a Business
    Posted On: 20/05/15 - 0

    Whether your company does a few thousand or a few million dollars in sales, every business has the responsibility to collect money for the government. Coming out of an employment situation, most peopl…Read More

  • How to Read an Income Statement
    Posted On: 10/05/15 - 0

    Before we can start the reading of an income statement, we need an income statement to look at. For this article we are going to use the following as a basis: To begin we will review the basic termino…Read More

  • Raising Money with Your Banker
    Posted On: 06/05/15 - 0

    It is very difficult to run even the most profitable business without some bank financing. When a company grows or when it’s growth is uneven, chances are that it will out-pace the cash flows th…Read More

  • Preventative Accounting
    Posted On: 29/04/15 - 0

    It would seem that after centuries of double-entry bookkeeping, nothing more could be said about accounting. Up until now that was probably true, but now accounting has to move to the next step. Inste…Read More

  • Preparing a Cash Flow Projection
    Posted On: 22/04/15 - 0

    Throughout your business career, you are continually asked to predict the future. Your banker wants to know how you will repay loans. You hire new employees with the expectation that the volume of fut…Read More

  • Keeping the Bank in Balance
    Posted On: 15/04/15 - 0

    Unless you keep your cash in the sock/mattress vault, you have to work with the monthly bank statement. The balance on that statement and the amount of money you actually have available are only the s…Read More

  • Internal Control of Revenues and Expenses
    Posted On: 08/04/15 - 0

    As a business owner, you have now found out that only you can control how the business operates. Part of this control relates to the finances of your company. This article seeks to discuss the ways fo…Read More

  • How to Select a Good Accountant
    Posted On: 02/04/15 - 0

    The quick and easy answer to how to select a good accountant is to say, “Select me!” That, however, is not the purpose of this article, so we will provide you with some additional criteria…Read More

  • Dressing Up Your Financial Statements
    Posted On: 26/03/15 - 0

    There are times when you have to provide financial information to outside parties. Generally speaking, you will only do this when you have no choice (i.e., the government) or when you want something. …Read More

  • Accounting – An Introduction
    Posted On: 19/03/15 - 0

    “Revenge of the math club” is how many independent business owners view the need for accounting. Unfortunately, this may result in the owner totally ignoring the entire process and using o…Read More

  • 2015 Tax Check List
    Posted On: 05/02/15 - 0

    Download the new Tax Checklist for 2015. TAX CHECKLIST – 2015…Read More

  • Get it in Writing!
    Posted On: 13/01/15 - 0

    A home renovation or repair project can be an exciting prospect. It can also be a nightmare if handled poorly. For many of us, the only route to go is to hire a contractor. This person will take care …Read More

  • Business Types Three of Three – Partnership
    Posted On: 09/12/14 - 0

    In previous blogs we described the proprietorship and the corporation. To recap, there are three ways you can organize a business – a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. In this blog…Read More

  • Business Types Two of Three – Proprietorship
    Posted On: 12/11/14 - 0

    In a previous blog we described the corporation. To recap, there are three ways you can organize a business – a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. In this blog we will do our best …Read More

  • Year End Matters
    Posted On: 05/11/14 - 0

    Businesses have year ends to contend with and taxes to pay, just as people do. We are all taxpayers. There are differences that need to be taken into consideration with regard to filing deadlines and …Read More

  • Business Types One of Three – Corporation
    Posted On: 15/10/14 - 0

    There are three ways you can organize a business – a proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. In this blog we review the setup of a corporation. A corporation is a separate legal entity f…Read More

  • Avoid tax penalties and interest
    Posted On: 08/10/14 - 0

    Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) imposes various penalties and interest to encourage people and businesses including corporations to file tax returns and pay taxes on time. For people, the failure to file …Read More

  • Join Us On October 23rd!
    Posted On: 24/09/14 - 0

    This is our first time as an exhibitor at this show. Nancy Stabback and I will be at the show to introduce ourselves to all the participants and the attendees. Our practice does an incredible job prov…Read More

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challange
    Posted On: 29/08/14 - 0

    Watch as Nancy takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.…Read More

  • The Back Office Health Check
    Posted On: 18/07/14 - 0

    Your “back office” (bookkeeping, accounting, payroll) are the services that keep your business running day-to-day, but are very likely not to be your core competency or the focus of your b…Read More

  • Self-Rating and Improving Small Business Productivity
    Posted On: 15/07/14 - 0

    In business publications and seminars, productivity is often a primary focus – as it should be. Higher productivity means higher profits. The focus, however, is usually on two aspects of product…Read More

  • No Matter Your Business, Innovation Drives It
    Posted On: 14/07/14 - 0

    Whatever your business is, its primary driver is innovation. It can be innovation in products, innovation in delivery, innovation in process, or innovation in business management. Something, somewhere…Read More