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Join Us On October 23rd!

September 24, 2014 - 0


This is our first time as an exhibitor at this show. Nancy Stabback and I will be at the show to introduce ourselves to all the participants and the attendees. Our practice does an incredible job providing financial information that directly benefits owners and operators of small businesses. If your in trouble with the CRA we take over the job of pulling together all the information that they require so that we can deal with the CRA on your behalf to accurately settle their claims. Once this is done we hope you’ll stay with us so that our continued efforts will keep the CRA away. A continued relationship with our office will ensure that your financial record keeping is always up-to-date plus receive the best tax advise so that you will always only contribute exactly the right amount of tax.

For those not yet in business or those just interested in stopping by we are also introducing our new improved web site and would like to point out that for a simple tax return we have a link where if you fit the criteria you can do your return on line for a very small fee or for free!

Nancy & I (Andy) are looking forward to meeting you at the show.

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